Sounds of Spring was a Brisbane based and run music festival in 2008 and 2009. Below is quick look back.

With no local based festival for some year the people of Brisbane were keen to see live music.  Based line headlined by Grinspoon Sounds of Spring sold out with 10,000 people attending on Oval 2 of the RNA.  Rain threatened to ruin the day with the site finally ready to go only minutes before gates opened.  Rain visited again that stopped proceedings on the main stages and saw some bands set cut short and one not playing at all.  The rain cleared and the day went on with lots of mud.  Some major delays were experienced in the bar areas with the licensee being under prepared to deal with the large crowd.  
The day saw many high points also with various videos uploaded to youtube from crowd members including the circle pit during Parkway Drives set and some punters sliding in the mud.

2009 say the Sounds of Spring take over almost all of the RNA with a double main stage on oval, 2 big tops on Oval 2 and a stage located at Stockman’s rest and one other put into a free corner.  Over 60 bands were on display with headliners The Living End having their set cut short by 25 minutes due to a large wind storm which had being hitting Brisbane all week.  
With a new license and more space the event ran a lot smoother.  Over 15,000 people were in attendance.  The event was originally announced to be across the road but a change in mind from the council saw that plan stopped.  Sadly this change greatly affected the bottom line of the event and contributed to the event not running again in 2010.

Morning after the wind had blown over the fences.